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Senior Qualifier GIS Kuala Lumpur 19

October 17-19, 2019

KL is now full - places still available in Jakarta

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Senior Qualifier SWA Jakarta 19

October 18-20, 2019


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WMC Qualifier Format

Because we all want to enjoy more success

The qualifying events for the World Mathematics Championships® Finals are collaboration experiences for all students around the world. Those who perform well are presented with Special Tickets (Bronze, Silver or Golden), which are the unique invitation to particiate in the finals of the World Mathematics Championships®, held annually within a prominant university.

The schedule throughout all qualifiers is very busy, with a healthy mix of seriousness and laughter, geekiness and play indoors and out! Participants sometimes think deeply alone, work in teams, be inspired by mathematician guest speakers (and others) and create using our imagination! This unique platform enables participants to network and build lasting friendships and life-long memories as a highlight of one's schooling years.

We are teachers who believe summative assessment should be a demonstration of depth-in-learning and be inclusive; rather than focusing on elitism and speed at doing superficial algorithms of difficult subject content. For this reason, the World Mathematics Championships® group students who have been exposed to similar levels of mathematics.

The entry requirements for each level are therefore:

Level Cohort the youth is in during the month of the qualifyier Target students
Senior Grade 12 (year 13) or below High School
Junior Grade 9 (year 10) or below Upper Middle School/Lower High School
Prime Plus Grade 7 (year 8) or below Upper Primary/Middle School

There is a limited capacity to the number of participants involved in each event venue, with places often being taken only weeks after a competition is launched, so the only way you can guarantee places is if you host one yourselves - the perfect opportunity for your school to create a meaningful and sustainable assessment practice. Forming a partnership with us is easier than you may think!

For a more detailed breakdown on how the qualifying competitions flow, please browse the other sections:


There are many prizes to be had, with the most important being the intangibles that one gains from such an experience. On top of that:
    • Transcript of relative attainment
    • Medals for top scoring individuals
    • Special Ticket invitations for the next tier towards the WMC Finals
    • Warry Cup for institution with the best mean average ranking 

Our history

It all started through the South East Asian Mathematics Competition; SEAMC+ was concieved at the turn of the milenium by Steve Warry, an enthusiastic teacher with the Alice Smith School, Kuala Lumpur and had a belief that Mathematics could be a 'spectator sport'. In persuit of this, he organised the event for March 2001. Tragically, he passed away the week prior to the competition, but the event went ahead and Steve's dream became a reality. Due to popular demand, in February 2014 a parallel North... version of the same competition (NEAMC) became a reality through the enigmatic Malcolm Coad within Nanjing International School, China. In June 2018, Trinity College, Melbourne hosted the inaugral finals with the University of Melbourne.
We hope the next few seasons will see us expand outside of Asia - the first UK Qualifier happened in October 2018 and discussions have started with institutions in Australia, USA and Canada. Please do contact us if you would also like to be a partner with the World Mathematics Championships®.

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