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if you have been awarded a Bronze Ticket invite from the Fundamental ROCKS Round for the

Prime Plus Finals Indonesia of the World Mathematics Championships®
BINUS School, Simprug, Jakarta

Overview of the WMC Prime Plus level Finals

  • 2 full days of total immersement
  • 6 skills categories for prizes
    • Challenge - because we want to be the best that we can be
    • Knowledge - because we need secure foundations to communicate, collaborate, challenge, strategise and create better!
    • Collaboration - because we all need others to help us achieve our dreams
    • Strategy - because visionary thinking leads to more profound success
    • Communication - because we need to be able to convince others that our beliefs are sound
    • Creativity - because we enjoy being humans instead of robots
  • Transcripts of relative attainment
  • Individual medals within each skill category
  • Silver ticket invites to the Junior Level Qualifier of the World Mathematics Championships® in BINUS School, Simprug, Jakarta on Saturday 29th February and Sunday 1st March 2020.

What to do now!?

Parents accept the Bronze Ticket invite, complete the registration form and pay the fees.

The competition starts at 8am on both days and we depart about 7pm on Saturday 26th and the Gala Celebration is due to end by 8pm on Sunday 27th October 2019; see the schedule link above for details.

Preparation for the Inspiration Round will happen in the week prior to the event. Details will be shared with all parents of participants by Thursday 17th October 2019.

Participants are to arrive at BINUS School, Simprug for 8am each day and may be collected from 7pm outside the guarded entrance. Some might be accompanied by recognised teaching staff (as agreed between parents and their school). Only adults with certificates permitting them to work with children will be allowed into BINUS School, Simprug during the competition.

Morning snack, bento box lunch and evening meal with drinks will be provided on both days.

The Competition Rounds

Individuals focus on the
Challenge rounds alone.

Collaboration teams are formed by participants who do not live in the same area as each other.
Participants who know each other may be in a team to complete the 
Communication rounds together.

Some rounds are (subject specific skills and procedures) knowledge intensive.
Other rounds are (plan and execute)
strategy focused.
There are rounds that depend upon (new and imaginative ideas)

Each strategy, creative and knowledge skill category has at least one round that is engaged in alone, in Friend Communication teams and in Peer Collaboration teams.

Name of each round
The 9 rounds within prime plus WMC finals are:

Skills categories Challenge Collaboration Communication
Knowledge Mathematician Lightning Shuttle
Strategy Duel Innovation Pursuit
Creativity Codebreaker Open Inspiration

Sample questions from rounds within previous junior level competitions here.


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