Mathematicians create by acts of insights and intuition. Logic then sanctions the conquests of intuition.~Morris Kline

Tell me more about the Qualifier

It's as easy as xyz!

What is it?
This is a 3-day competition (with pre-round) happening within the prestigeous Nanjing International School.
It is a Qualifying round to be a part of the Finals of the World Mathematics Championships® 2020 in the University of Melbourne, staying in Trinity College.
Participants engage in 9 different types of rounds within 6 skills categories.

Who may enter?
Students in Grade 9 and below (just starting an IGCSE Mathematics course for many).

When is it?
PRE-ROUND: Inspiration Round stimulus given on Monday 17th February for communication teams to submit (upload) by Tuesday 25th February.
DAY 1: Friday 28th February 5pm to 8pm
DAY 2: Saturday 29
th February between 9am-6pm.
DAY 3: Sunday 1st March from 9am. The gala celebration ends by 9pm.

What about accommodation?
The competition hotel is the Novotel Nanjing and NIS have negotiated favourable rates with them. Schools will need to book accommodation directly with the hotel. Please use this reservation form.
Airport transfers will be provided to/from the hotel and we will provide transport between the school and hotel.

What do participants get?
Lots of intangible rewards! And also...
An attainment transcript containing the percentile ranks in each round, each skill attribute and a descriptor of their demonstrated strengths.
Medals are awarded to the better performing participants in each of the 6 skills categories.
Those who excel best in all 6 categories are also issued with a Golden Ticket invite to the Finals.

How much does it cost?
CNY2000 per student participant and CNY1500 per adult adjudicator.
This fee includes meals and the gala dinner celebration, as well as welcome goodie bags, event materials and prizes.
The participation fee does not include accomodation, flights or visa costs.

How to register?

An adult adjudicator logs into their account (or sign-up here first) clicks on the "register" button above (only visible when logged-in) and registers communication teams of 3 students. There needs to be at least 1 adult adjudicator for every 3 teams registered.

What is the schedule?
Click 'Schedule' at the top of this page - it will appear there as soon as a draft is in place (should be about 3 months before)

Where is the event programme?
It will appear here about a month before the competition starts.

Registration into this competition is confirmed only when the full fees have been received AND all participant particulars are complete in the form.


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